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    Why write a college application on your own when you can work with a professional proofreader? ServiceScape proofreaders add the right finishing touch so that your college application is the very best it can be. Start browsing now and see if you can find the perfect proofreader for your college application. Our proofreaders have spent more than a decade in the industry of professional academic writing. When it comes to writing papers, students often make LOTS of mistakes. While some writers struggle with grammar, others find it difficult to control being too “wordy.” Still, some aren’t quite sure what to include…and what to leave out.

    Our editing and proofreading services are active and fully functioning despite the current global pandemic. All services are available, and your order will be returned on time.

    And by letting our experts handle any typos, you’ll have more time to focus on your studies, boosting your grades college essay proof readers services in the process. Valerie is a writer, editor, and producer who has been editing for EssayEdge since 2010.

    Can an essay get you into Harvard?

    Harvard accepts the Common Application, which means your child will need the following to apply: Common App Essay. ACT or SAT test scores, with or without writing.

    Yes, and it is expected, just as it is expected that the student will seek guidance when in college . The proofreader can offer suggestions, but should not be writing/rewriting the essay. We can all use a second set of eyes sometimes, especially if we’ve been looking at the same five paragraphs over and over for months. It’s fine to have someone with strong skills in grammar, spelling and usage proofread your essay for errors and typos. It’s not fine to have someone write any portion of or make substantial changes to your essay. Colleges want to hear your voice and ideas and no one else’s.

    What Types Of Editing Services Does Essayedge Offer?

    • He has also worked extensively with students on academic papers and dissertations.
    • The assigned editor will proofread an essay of any length within the given amount of time!
    • We have a team of English native speaker editors from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
    • If a student has an urgent deadline up to three hours, he/she should think about ordering our speedy editorial services.

    Academic Or Student

    Writing the college application admissions essay shouldn’t be as scary as your weird neighbor’s haunted house. You’ve embarked on a new career or are attending college for the first time. You’re overwhelmed at the writing tasks assigned by your instructors or just don’t feel confident in your writing skills. For whatever reason, you feel https://collegeessayhelps.com/ your documents would be best served by having a professional proofreader and editor review them. With my unique 4-step system, you can pick & choose the services tailored to your needs. With our student proofreading services, you can be sure of submitting work that is error free and easy to read, as well as suitably academic in tone.

    She graduated from Yale University in 2009 with a B.A. She has lived in France, London, and China, and presently resides in New York. In addition to editing for EssayEdge, she works in the fields of film and theater as producer, writer, and actor. Her expertise also extends to the field of business, as she formerly served as Director of Operations for a start-up company in the education technology industry.

    Cynthia prides herself on her detail-oriented and conscientious editing skills that she is sure to tailor to the individual college essay proof readers services needs of each client. A personal statement must be unique, it must be written individually for each college.

    The copied or unoriginal text immediately catches the eye of the admission committee. The admission committee should understand that the essay was written specifically for them. That’s why we have a Premium package when the editor guides you on what should be written and helps to get the idea of what to write and how to present a student to the admission committee.

    Paper Editing And Proofreading Service

    These Features Make Our Proofreading And Editing Services Stand Out

    Editing was the perfect vocation for a stay at home mom. As an editor, she enjoys reading the stories of each individual applicant and assisting them with attaining their dreams. She also worked as an elementary school librarian when her children were young. They are now grown and busy pursuing their own goals, one as a graduate of Emerson College in writing and the other as a culinary student at Johnson and Wales. Renee currently operates her own home-based business and is a member of an artisan co-op. Life is vastly interesting; there are so many ways in which one can make a difference.

    Cynthia graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with majors in Biology and Management Science. She then went on to earn her MD degree from Columbia University and is now working as a resident physician in Pennsylvania. Cynthia has extensive experience working with clients from all over the world, helping to perfect their essays and applications for top undergraduate and graduate programs. She has volunteered in the admission offices of both her undergraduate and medical school institutions and has gained unique insight into the inner workings of this stressful process.

    Find Your Admissions Essay Proofreader

    college essay proof readers services

    They don’t expect a publishable essay (would you really need college if you could already write a publishable essay?) but it should be highly polished, thoughtful, and very strong. Yes, every student needs to have someone proofread their college application essays. The best choices are teachers, counselors or a college consultant. Parents and friends can also help, but be ware that they may not catch every mistake or even know what college essay proof readers services the colleges are looking for. If you can’t ask any of those, you can pay for college essay help, but watch out for services or coaches who over-edit you workDon’t buy a pre-written essay! Colleges can tell, and it’ll make your whole application sound false. Admission officers have full access to your writing portion of the SAT or ACT so that they can compare work that was done in proctored conditions with that done at home.

    So How Do You Impress That Admissions Committee?

    What are some good topics to write about?

    Creative WritingA cozy spot at home.
    A dark hallway.
    A story about a holiday.
    A trip on a rocket ship.
    A walk in the woods.
    Dear George Washington.
    Donuts for dinner.
    Funny things my pet has done.
    More items

    Esl Services

    She specializes in editing essays for undergraduate and MBA programs, and she is also very experienced in editing for medical school, graduate programs, and law school. Renee has been editing for EssayEdge since 1998, when she was an English major at Harvard. The service actually began operating out of a dorm room as Collegegate. Renee has had varied interests over the course of her life and has tried to pursue all of them. She has worked as a veterinary surgical nurse and a wildlife rehabilitator until the birth of her own children made caring for injured and orphaned wild animals too challenging.

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